Maryland Horse Fencing is proud to supply quality rough lumber materials for agricultural use. Paul Higgins is a current and long time possessor of a Maryland Forestry license with many years of experience in the wood industry. We currently can provide fence posts, fence materialsboards, barn siding of various dimensions, and oak planking for barn flooring or to line horse stalls.   Species we routinely handle include oak, poplar, pine, walnut, cherry, black locust, sycamore, hickory, ash and others. A recent addition to our facility includes a 3,000 board foot solar kiln which enables us to prepare wood for use indoors. Delivery of materials is available for all of the above upon request.  For firewood production we utilize a processor capable of cutting/splitting custom lengths of cord wood which we handle with great care in order to supplement our seasonal mainstay of fence installation.



Materials Gallery

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siding and flooring
spit wood
split hardwood
straight white oak logs
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