When we began fencing, the types of fencing were relatively limited with regard to equine application.  With improvements in fencing technology, we continue to offer the most innovative fencing styles available for a wider selection to our customers. We have the machinery to quickly remove old, decaying fence and replace it, often without moving your animals. We currently offer the following types of fencing: 

- Custom Board Fencing (hardwood or treated)
- Custom Wire Fencing (woven, welded, diamond mesh, Hi-Tensile)
- PVC post and board (solid treated wood with extruded plastic in white or black)
- Split Rail (3, 4, or 5 rail)
- Electric fencing of all types (tape, rope, hot-wire)
- Deer Fence
- Centaur or Horserail (Polymer material resembling boards with wire inside)


Please consult with our 
links provided to compare the independent analysis of the various types of fencing available, provided to aid your decision making in selecting what fence will best accommodate your budget and particular desire.

What sets us apart:

  • Most fences are installed with a hydraulic post pounder, to insure a tight, straight installation 
  • All fasteners are top of the line, designed for long life, resistant to rust. 
  • We recommend that wire be class 3, for 3x the rust prevention. 
  • Our PVC is NOT hollow, which is prone to splintering upon breakage.  
  • Though it is economical, we do NOT recommend Hi-Tensile for horses.