Many of our customers are delighted to find that we also paint fences. We have painted many miles of fence and are pleased to offer special rates for this in the fall every year. For fences in need of preparation , we have a 4,000 lb. pressure washer, and after prepping the fence with a detergent to eliminate mildew, we apply quality base and topcoat per the customer’s agreement. Black seems to be Fence-Paintingthe favored choice, as this lasts much longer than a white fence and requires little or no preparation to the fence, thereby reducing much of the cost.

Painting Gallery

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Black Fence Painting Crew
Black Fence Painting Entry
Black Fence Painting Profile2
Fence 1 191
Hidden Hills 1 111
Home Fence 2 181 2
Orange Entry
august painting 004
august painting 020
chod painting 002
chod painting 003
paint five
paint four
paint one
paint two